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Grab yourself a good, steady monthly income without having to leave the comfort of your own home!

It's been tried, tested and selling for over FIVE years! And in that time we have tweaked and adapted the system to be even more profitable!

This professionally recommended horse racing system, can be yours NOW, this instant!

YOU get direct access to all this research and will achieve a constant stream of money without having to leave your home!

As you can see from the records to the right, this is a consistent, steady system which brings in a profit each and every month! The records are easily checked by yourself.

And we show you EXACTLY how you can make your own income from the FFF Plan - but you need to be professional about it, look on it as your business, become self-employed at home. This is no 'quick fix' for a fortune, this brings in a steady consistent monthly income.


But please do not just take our word for it look at some the comments we receive......

November 2016

Wow was that a surprise! Bought the system thinking it would be like many others - a flop! But no, to my utter surprise and pleasure, it works. Nice not to have to spend hours in front of the computer all day as well.

Well done and thanks again. Super system and I enjoy it :)

Andy Harding, UK

September 2016

Only found this site by accident, don't know why it's not more highly promoted. But I guess then the odds would change drastically. Emailed the owners and always got a speedy reply and help. They are quite happy to sell to fewer customers apparently. But I wanted to give them a glowing reference.

Bought the system a couple of months ago and it's worked a treat since then. Here's to the continued success!

Cheers guys.

Richard Crossdale, UK

September 2016

Bought the system like others have said with a bit of trepidation. But it's proved excellent. There are days when the horses refuse to do what they want but I have always got my money back and then returned to profit. Good system.

Thanks for all the help.

G. Brown, UK

Hi Guys,

Got this FFF Plan back in March 2013, bit sceptical, not surprising the amount of bum systems on the market. But it proved solid. Doing it for Aussie racing as well as UK stuff.

Glad to say this one works. Also emailed Dennis and Hazel couple of times and always got a reply with help.

Keep up the good work and thanks.

W. Cobbet, Australia

Hi Hazel and Dennis,

I did write about this system a couple of months ago, but just wanted to thank you once again, profusely.

What an amazing month we had in November, just winner after winner. And this with foul weather and most systems going belly up.

So thanks again guys for a truly working, honest and very profitable system. Got my money for Christmas now!

J. Barber, Yorkshire, UK

September 2014

Bought this system mid-August and my first day it lost! So I thought here we go again another duff system but Dennis and Hazel have a good rep in the industry, thought I would stick at it.

What a piece of luck, it's been an amazing ride right through September. Of course I'd rather not spread the good news too far but yes, I think credit where it's due I would like to recommend this system.

Here's a big ta from me and I have now bought another of your systems which is doing well. My aim is to get a steady income without having to bet the earth.

Speak again soon,

John Barber, West Yorkshire, UK,

February 2012

Dennis & Hazel,

Would just like to commend you on a brilliant FFF Plan. Bought this late Jan and so far am way out in profits.

Of course I am sceptical, having bought tons of systems before, and I am not one for doing recommendations. But looking at my own profits, plus the records plus the fact that you answer my emails and are always available for help and advice, I would definitely give this FIVE STARS!

For anyone looking to buy this system, be assured it does work and the team at Nova Publications are very contactable. Not a scam this one.


Mike Singer

October- November 2011

Hi Dennis & Hazel,

Top class service again! I love your systems and think I pretty well have them all now! What I like though, as well as the fact that they work and bring in a profit, is the service. I know I can always contact you and get a serious and intelligent reply!

Keep up the good work and thanks for your support, and the great systems.

Dave. H. London, United Kingdom

July 2011

I had to write and congratulate you on a magnificent system. For profitability, consistency and ease of use, it is truly worthwhile. It's nowhere even as expensive as others I've bought which have proved to be crap.

I am very very pleased with this product, it's professional, it works, it's fun to do and the customer service I received from Dennis and Hazel was wonderful. Can't say enough really. Made a mint already. Of course I get losing days but what I like is that I KNOW, I know, I will get it back.

Thank you once again for one of the best systems on the market.

Great stuff

W. Alderwood, Kent

Hello Dennis & Hazel

 Last week I bought the FFF Plan Extra and am impressed with this - from 31st May -3rd June am up £170 - yes I started using money from the off - 

You can use my comments in your Promotions if you desire. Currently I am involved in a time consuming project but once this is complete (expect early July) I will be back in touch regarding your money-making opportunities

Regards R. Cowham

Hi Guys

What an awesome product, I bought it a few weeks ago, and have not had a loss day since. I have built up enough bank now that I am prepared for a loss day but also I am taking off a load of profit.

Thankyou both so so much for an amazing system. It's saved my life!

Best wishes
Andrew Burbank, N. Ireland

Dear Dennis and Hazel

What can I say about the FFF Plan, it has made me so much money I am very very pleased with the system. I like your systems having bought the Fancy Fillies and the Golden Geldings. I also like the way you are very open about your email address and telephone number on the site.

I have bought systems before, of course, like many I expect, only to have the money taken and the seller nowhere to be seen! Crap systems too.

So everyone looking at this you should know that Dennis and Hazel are totally above board, honest and wonderful to purchase from.


From a very satisfied customer.

G. Andrew, Wakefield, Yorks.


Hey Hazel - June 2010

You can use my words, no problem. I am absolutely delighted with the FFF Plan. This is without doubt the most successful and profitable system I have ever used, so easy and simple to follow and as you clearly state, you can make whatever you want to make in a day!

Regards George Slowey


I absolutely agree with George. I bought the system believing it could never be as good as it looked.

But I am bamblasted by it. Its brilliant, the strike rate is superb. Its easy to use, simple to put into operation and the completely right system to operate as part of a professional punters portfolio of racing systems.

Thanks and thanks again, also, full marks on customer service. I know I asked a lot of questions before I bought and you are the most honest couple I have come across in the racing world.

D. Markham, Cambridge, UK - June 2010

Hey Guys,

Yes please do put my email on your site. Have to praise you for a system that works perfectly over time. Like tons of others I guess I have bought, paid for and deeply, deeply regretted getting systems that were frankly trash!

But this one is a corker! Started off with a £200 bank which quickly doubled and doubled again. Whoo could not believe it.

Yes there are losing days but what I love the most is that YOU TELL US THAT THROUGH THE BOOK, THERE ARE NO HIDDEN SURPRISES AND NO LIES. You guys have just got the be the best there is, honest, approachable, and easily contacted!

I know now that if I ever buy a system again (got your Fancy Fillies too by the way) I will always judge it on how approachable the seller is. You have all your contact details on the web.

Thanks again really, for an amazingly good system (two actually with the Fancy Fillies!) Love you guys to bits, you got me out of a hole when I was made redundant.

Cheers from a very, very happy punter!

Rob Urquart, Dundee, Scotland

Hi Dennis and Hazel

Just wanted to thank you for your excellent product. I have purchased in the region of 30 Horse racing systems and yours is the most reliable and consistent in the marketplace bar none with no outragous staking plans, or hours of study.

If the sytem is adhered to and used with the correct discipline, I truly believe you could become a full time investor using the plan.

My bank is now over 3k from a starting bank of £200. It is a truly life changing product.


Paul Dennis, UK

From OZ (Australia)

I live in Australia and have been using the FFF for about a year. It is easy to adapt to Australian racing and it is very consistent.

You will have a LOT more winning days than losing days, so losing is a non-issue. 

Saturday's are particularly good because the most consistent horses are raced on Saturday.  I have never had a losing Saturday.

Follow the rules, don't get greedy and you will come out ahead. 

R. Anthony - Brisbane, Australia

Dear Dennis and Hazel,

I didn't want to write you the usual quick "thank-you" testimony but basically a brief explanation of how the FFF Plan has changed my life for the good, I apologise in advance if it lingers on a bit!!

I have been a legal PA for some 6 years and worked many many hours for little financial return but lots of job satisfaction.

I returned to work when my firstborn, Charlotte, was just 13 weeks old and I suffered immensely from the stresses of a manic and pressured work environment. When Charlotte turned 2 years old, my Husband and I noticed a difference in her behaviour, after some 2 years of fighting for the relevant professionals to look into Charlotte's behaviour further, she has now been partially diagnosed as suffering from ADHD and Aspergers Syndrome.

As I am sure you can imagine, our lives had to change in order to provide Charlotte with the best care available, which meant me leaving work and becoming a full-time Mum.

Although this was a great change in all of our lives, the financial pressure began to build up. I discovered many racing systems and gave 3 of them a go but found that they either took up too much of my valuable time or they were high-risk.

Then I discovered the FFF Plan and have not looked back!

My Husband far from approved at the start until he saw the build-up of free cash we had available, he now asks when he returns from work "have you had a profitable day?" and of course, my answer is "as always!". We have now had another beautiful baby girl, Evie-Rose, and although Charlotte starts school full-time this coming September, thanks to the FFF Plan, I have no intentions whatsoever of returning to work leaving me the flexibility of being at home for Charlotte during school holidays and of course to be Evie's main carer.

I made my Husband laugh a few weeks ago, I had to give somebody my job description, I labelled myself an "investor", that is what I do, I invested my savings, made a profit, put my savings back into the bank and re-invested my profits. I am not greedy and I only profit what is necessary, but I know in time to come as my stake account builds up, I will easily be making a steady income far higher than the rate I was paid as a qualified professional.

Many thanks to you both, for your honesty and replies to my cheeky questions!

Kind regards, Debbie (Debra Barker) UK

The FFF Plan is based on 15 years of statistics.  We do not use tipsters, recommendations or 'sure fire insider tips'!  The FFF Plan is based on statistical facts.

This new updated version now includes an alternative staking plan to give you even more profits, a greater return! Complete and full records in the book.

There are masses of horse racing systems that DO NOT WORK - we know, we've tried many of them.

There are many con-merchants out there who churn out a system per week just to sell to vulnerable people.

There are many fly-by-nights who will sell you their system and then you can never contact them again!

The world, and in particular the world of horse racing systems, is full of crooks!

We have been trading with our horse racing systems for almost four years. Our address and telephone number are available to you - please contact us, we are here to help.

We run the FFF Plan every day ourselves and make a good income from it. We are also writers and so we made a book about it too.

We are well known and respected in the horse racing world, please ask around people do know us!

In these times when the future is uncertain, when prices are rocketing (who believes the rate of inflation the government laughingly claim!) we all need an extra income, some extra security that earning money each month can produce.

But wouldn't it be great to then have the ability to give yourself some of life's little extras!!!

One of the real beauties of creating an income from horse-racing is IT IS ENTIRELY TAX FREE IN THE UK!*


The FFF Plan ebook is instantly downloadable, to your computer so you can start NOW, today, earning money, creating your own income.

Philip Cross - Hampshire. UK

Dear Dennis and Hazel,

I had to write to you both and thank you most sincerely for your wonderful racing systems.

I first bought the FFF Plan back in August last year (2007) and papertraded as advised, then went into it full time.

Wonderful. Worked just like you said and I started building up my bank very quickly.

Took it easy, again as you suggested in the book, building up slowly and that really works. So thanks for that advice too.

I built up my bank, my confidence and then my stakes. And it brings in a really good income every month. I am delighted.

I am also so grateful for the way you answered my emails, your honesty is beyond reproach - you tell it as it is. This is so rare in this industry, in fact it is rare in the world today. But it works, you gave me the confidence to buy the system, you gave me the honest answers as to how it works and I have never looked back since.

Because of all this I bought your other two systems too.

The Balay
does take a lot more work but brings in the goodies.

The Fancy Fillies is wonderful because it is a just once a day bet and forget. That also brings in a reasonable income.

So with your three wonderful systems I have now 'given up the day job' and am a 'full-time professional racing investor'.

I cannot thank you two enough, you really have changed my life and I thank my lucky stars that I came across your sites.

Besides that it is a real pleasure to meet people who tell the truth, who don't try and wheedle money out of me.

To all those who read this testimonial - trust Hazel and Dennis and their systems, 100% - great stuff!.


D. Venning - Somerset. UK

Dear Dennis and Hazel,

I must say that your book is the clearest and easiest to read. I have purchased many, many ebooks on racing and yours is beyond any doubt, far and away, the best written!

I have now been following this system since January 2006 with an 81% success rate including today's win. NOT BAD if you don't mind me saying so!

I would also like to thank you for your very prompt and clear replies to my queries. Your replies are the best I have ever received from any product bought over the internet.

Thank you!

Darren - update today, Thursday's win, brings the success rate to 83%!


From Mike and Suzy in Glastonbury UK

Dear Dennis and Hazel,

Firstly, thanks for your last e-mail. It's not very often that you find really nice people from a business opportunity. My previous experiences have been very disappointing.

Secondly, I have just completed my first 5 days with FFF and for the first two days it did exactly as I asked. Wed was a bad day but Thurs I started again and had a brilliant day ending with about £250 in the pot.

Wishing you peace and happiness,
Mike and Suzy Meet Mike and Suzy in their beautiful centre. 

This book will change your life!   We will say that again!

This book will change your life!

Not perhaps or maybe, but WILL!!

The FFF Plan, created from the co-operation of a mathematician, Dr. Dennis Coote and a horse expert Hazel Reed BHSAI, is crackingly effective. Written in a logical, easy to understand language ‘The FFF Plan” shows you everything you need to know to easily learn to earn every day. All the information is laid out in clear, concise sections which you can follow at your own pace!  This e-book is extremely user-friendly, we promise that!

Meet the writers -    

Dr. Dennis Coote has been a lecturer at Schools and Colleges. 

He now gives seminars on various subjects including self-improvement and property renovations.  

It was his discovery of a statistical fact that started the FFF Plan.

Hazel Reed has lived, ridden and trained with horses all her life.  She has successfully achieved her qualifications to become an instructor and has also written the textbooks for the British Horse Society Examinations to help students obtain their instructor's  certificates. 

She has trained in various yards including racing yards, where she exercised and trained with race horses.

She was the sceptical one, knowing as she does about racing and the racing world in general. 

However she became convinced about the FFF Plan, tried it and has never looked back.


From Nicky in Cumbria


People (including myself) tend to be very wary of horseracing systems - there are so many get-rich-quick schemes where the only person making the money is the guy selling the dubious information!! It is also a fact that betting on horses is generally percieved as gambling, which is frowned upon.

I am not a gambler. Like most people I work hard for my money and have no intention of wasting it.

Your Plan is a solid investment and the results prove it. In fact I am looking forward to making it my full time job as the earning potential is magnificent!

I consider the 'FFF Plan' to be the best investment I have ever made and am happy to recommend it to anyone who is looking for a highly profitable investment opportunity.



From Rudo in South Africa


I would just like to inform you that the FFF Plan is working well.

I was able to double my bank within six weeks! If one sticks to the plan, it pays dividends.

In South Africa there are usually a number of first time runners within the first three races, which somtimes cause upsets, but on the whole I can survive!

Thank you for your system and your support.

Rudo Theron, South Africa

From Derek and Dave - East Anglia


You guys are the greatest!!! Neither Dave or I have ever considered putting money on racing before.

We bought several other 'systems' and gave them a go - but ooch either the books were unreadable, the system undoable or it did not work anyway.

We bless the day we came upon your site!

I think we had almost given up though both of us felt that there must be at least one way of making money from racing!

Well, your FFF Plan works, it is simple, practical and easy to use, and what we both like is that we do not have to be sat at the computer or by the telephone/television all day!

We must also congratulate you both on your honesty! What a breath of fresh air that is in this industry. You were perfectly honest about days when it does not work and because of that we were ready for the odd bad day. Mind you the profit overall is amazing! And who cares about the odd bad day when you make enough anyway!

So well done you two, we just wanted to congratulate you and thank you again and again and again.

Derek and Dave Lightfoot

A note from Dennis and Hazel,

Have you ever thought of running your own successful business from your own home? When you follow our plan you will quickly and easily begin to earn an income. 
  • No complicated mathematical formulas – we give you a specially designed calculator worth over £60.00 FREE!
  • All you need to do is enter your stake and the odds, then collect the winnings!
  • No hours of form casting, studying course, trainers, jockeys, horses and racing yards, because in the end a horse will either win or lose!   Even the best rated horses lose and even those considered ‘donkeys' win!

    We confidently show you how you can increase your investment substantially just as we do with a few hours work each day.

    You will quickly learn to earn money every week for the rest of your life!
 “Yes you certainly can make thousands or, if you prefer, you can earn enough cash to give you a good living wage every week.  The amount you earn from your initial investment is entirely up to you!”
When we started this Plan almost four years ago, Hazel was very sceptical about it all.  Living and training with horses all her life, she knows what horses are like and that they do not comply to any rules!  Horse racing is an erratic sport and anyone who says they can pick a 'cert' out is not in the world of the real!

However Hazel agreed to try out the system and put her very first bet on any horse in racing - a whole £12.00!!!  Imagine her delight when her investment more than doubled that day.  And she did not stop there.  She followed the system every day for the next month and finished with more than £7,000 in the pot!
We both do this system regularly and it does work. 

Of course no system ever works 100% of the time, anyone who claims their system does is less than truthful! It is horse racing, that is why there are bookies and betting exchanges. 

Knowing this fact we firstly do not follow tipsters, we base this Plan on a proven statistics and then follow it through with a mathematical calculation.

You certainly will earn a good living from it. Evidence from our records as shown in the book – you can check up on the records/results from any bookmakers' site.
  • But you must be ‘in action' to do it.  Read the book, trial run it, then go for the profits. 
  • Without action, words are just words, with the FFF Plan you can start earning money immediately. 
  • You can work at it one/two or seven days a week. You choose
  • From D. Symonds-Vigne - Portugal

    Hi there

    Let me thank you for a great system and betting ladder.

    By all means use anything I write to you that helps to convince people that you are REAL!

    You system works like a dream and I cannot praise it highly enough.
    It is definitely a good way to make a steady stream of money.

    Best regards to both of you....


    From EC - Isle of Man

    Thank you so much for this wonderful plan; easy and simple to use.

    This book is so well written anyone can follow it, even if, like me, they have not had much experience of horse racing previously.

    I have downloaded books before but most are so incredibly complicated that the system is either impossible to understand or impossible to follow.
    This Plan though is so well written it is easily understood, AND IT WORKS! I made £700 in the first few days and I am generally nervous about money!

    So thanks once again Dennis and Hazel, you truly have changed my life!


    Emily C

    From Amjid Hussain U.S.A.

    I am very impressed with your excellent customer service.

    Your approachability proves your genuineness.

    Thank you for your time.


To work this plan, you will not need any complicated devices, all you will need are:

A computer

Access to a fast interent connection

An account to one or more interent bookmakers

Access to up to the minute results

      • You can even work this system even without a computer and internet connection.  In this e-book we do explain fully how to operate The FFF Plan with or without a computer and internet connection, and we show you how to obtain rapid results. 

We have kept the price deliberately low because we prefer to sell more rather than the odd one or two at a more realistic price.

The price compares very favourably to other systems on the market which can cost from £245.00 to £3,000!

Buy this ebook and start earning real money NOW!

This system has been valued by independent traders to cost over £250.00! Because of the potential to earn a steady income over many years.

But we are keeping the price especially low at £62.97!
(This includes the calculator!)

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P.S. You can start immediately increasing your income, remember you can earn as much or as little as you choose!

P.P.S. We understand if you have doubts or anxieties, if you are not used to horse racing it can be daunting to begin with. That's why we put our name, address and telephone number on the site. We are open and easy to approach. And we do this system ourselves every day, as do all our other customers so you will never be alone!

* Please check in your country if these profits are tax free

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My bank is now over £3k from a bank of £200. It is truly a life changing product.
Paul Dennis UK

It is easy to adapt to racing in Australia and is very consistent. R. Anthony, Brisbane

I will easily be making a steady income far higher than the rate I was paid as a qualified professional. Debra Barker, UK

To all those who read this testimonional, trust Hazel and Dennis and their systems 100% - great stuff! Philip Cross, Hampshire, UK



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